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Pre Entry Services

Even before you decide on an export market there are several layers of qualification you need to do. These include country profiling; political and legal risks; trade barriers; cultural and language issues.

Entry Services

Through our Entry Services we generate meaningful outcomes for your business within reasonable time frames. We provide detailed industry and competitor analyses; in-market programs and business alliancing.

Post Entry Services

Virtually no deal is sealed in the first meeting. Frequent follow ups are very important especially when the two sides are seaparated by seas and possibilities of frequent international travel are minimal.

Referral Services

We play to our strengths but we also realize that a foreign enterprise wouldn’t want to spend time in searching and dealing with a multitude of service providers. In order to be a single window solution, we have on our “panel” of host of service providers.

Sourcing Services

Often requirements are not about export or investment rather about sourcing products. Take the advantage of lower cost of production in the foreign market while the maintaining quality and delivery at par with the home country.


Retainer Services

This program is quite simply to eliminate just about all the business risk for a foreign enterprise and set the scene for their long term entry into India. Through this program we nurture and incubate our clients until they are ready to fly on their own.

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